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Energize for Your Move With These Easy Tips

How do you fuel your move? From planning to unpacking, moving is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Before the big day arrives, take a look at these simple tips for energizing yourself and maintaining your move-day stamina.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration affects every part of the human body. The fluids you drink help you to maintain heart, brain, and muscle function — all of which are important before, during, and after your move.

How much fluid is necessary to drink during the moving process? Most adults need between 30 and 50 fluid ounces of fluids per day, according to the Harvard Medical School. This helps to decrease the risk of dehydration. Even though you should avoid dehydration all the time, during a move its effects can cause serious health issues such as heatstroke or a dramatic drop in blood pressure.

Stay hydrated during your move by drinking plenty of water. While sports or energy drinks may give you a boost, they also contain added sugar. The same goes for soda and fruit juices.

If you need a kick of flavor squeeze a lemon, lime, or orange wedge into the water or steep cucumbers and mint in it. You can also hydrate by eating water-rich foods such as watermelon slices.

Eat Well

Along with eating hydrating foods, choose a move day menu that provides an energy boost. This might include:

  • Bananas. Not only is this fruit an easy-to-eat source of energy-boosting carbs, but it also contains beneficial B6 and potassium. Stash a banana or two in your take-along moving day bag to eat as small snacks.
  • Eggs. Instead of a quick burst, the protein in eggs provides energy all day long. While scrambling eggs mid-move isn’t exactly easy, peeling an already hard boiled egg is. Boil a dozen before your move begins, keep them cool, and eat as needed.
  • Apples. Stash an apple or two in your bag during your move. This fruit is packed with energy-boosting carbs and filling fiber.
  • Yogurt. As another easy take-along pick, yogurt has protein to keep your going all day long. Avoid high-sugar yogurt, opting for the sugar-free or no sugar added versions.

You also need healthy meals to support your move-day energy needs. Even though fast food, pizza, and other similar picks are easy, quick, and affordable, they can leave you feeling bloated and tired. Skip greasy, fatty, and high-sugar meals. Instead, opt for fresh salads, lean meats, and whole grains.

Get Rest

Eating and drinking well aren’t the only ways to ensure a healthy, energy-filled move. Your body needs rest — and that’s something that may not happen during the moving process itself. Plan ahead and get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your move.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, young adults ages 18 through 25 need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. Adults between the ages of 26 and 64 also need seven to nine hours, while older adults (65 and up) need seven to eight hours per night.

Not only can getting enough pre-move rest boost your energy, but it can also help with memory and make you less likely to fall/have an accident.
Take Breaks

While sleeping well in the nights leading up to your move has plenty of benefits, it’s not the only way to feel well-rested. Plan (and take) breaks during each part of the moving process. If you feel overwhelmed, physically or mentally, walk away, sit down, and take a few deep breaths.

You may also find it helpful to take energizing physical activity breaks — especially during monotonous tasks, such as packing or unpacking. Try walking around the block, doing jumping jacks, or striking a yoga pose.

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