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Don’t Mess With the Middle Man
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How Movers Can Help with Remodels

When you realized that your home no longer fit your family’s needs, you may have decided to invest in remodeling as opposed to selling the property and looking for another house to purchase. The remodel may have included enormous projects such as basement finishing and room additions. This means that your house will have a few new spaces that need to be furnished. Movers can help with many different aspects of home remodels.

If you hired a remodeling contractor to handle all the work, your family may have done their best to stay out of the way and adjust to living in a work-in-progress home for several months. After the work is complete, you may want to do some major rearranging of furnishings. You can hire a moving company to help you with many parts of the remodeling process.


Going through a major change in your home may find that you no longer want or need some of your belongings. If you do not want to get rid of these possessions right away and would like more time to decide their fate, you can rent a storage unit to allow you to take your time. You can make a list of all the items you want to move, and movers can deliver them to the storage unit.


Because you are furnishing brand-new spaces, you will likely need to buy new furniture. Mattresses, couches, chairs, tables, and desks can weigh more than you are comfortable with carrying. You may not want to take any risks with bringing these new items into your home. Instead, hire movers to pick up the items from a store or pickup location and bring them to your property.

Another option is having the heavy items delivered and then having the movers come over to bring each piece inside. When you get furniture, the movers can also provide assembly service.


Trying to carry oversized furniture around the house is not easy. It can lead to problems such as drywall damage in the form of holes, which will only add to your total remodeling expenses. Instead, you can have movers disassemble the large furniture pieces that you want to move around.

This will also help you avoid difficulties with getting through interior doors. Interior doors often range from 28 to 32 inches, which may not give you enough clearance. Your front door may exceed these measurements, so while getting into the home may not be a problem, transferring an oversized item from the front entry or living room to another room can be complicated.


A bulky piece of furniture is difficult to move from one side of your home, and it becomes even more challenging when you include flights of stairs. If you want to bring belongings from the second floor to the basement level, you will benefit from a mover’s help. They will have the strength, help, and technique to safely transfer every possession.


Once the remodel is complete, you may need to put the appliances in their old spots or new spots if the layout was changed.

You may even be adding new appliances such as a washer and dryer to the basement in a laundry room. A refrigerator can weigh around 100 pounds while a washer averages 75 pounds. Because both these items are bulky, they are not easy to move around. Help from a moving company will prevent you from damaging the home, appliances, or yourself.

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