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Licensed by the State of Michigan and Fully Insured
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Don’t Mess With the Middle Man
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Save Money and Cardboard with These 5 Packing Tips

Every box, bag, and case matters when it is time to move. All items cost homeowners money to transport as well as take up space and require effort to pack and unpack. People that can streamline, eliminate, and use items to their greatest potential will save themselves money and effort. Here are five simple packing tips to help you get started.


The national average for cross-country moves is currently about 50 cents per pound. It is easy to see how quickly costs add up when loading tools, appliances, and exercise gear. Reconsider the value of moving any outdated or rarely used items like these.

The average kitchen stove depreciates in value by about 7 percent each year and has an expected lifespan of about 15 years. The average stove weighs about 130 pounds, so it will cost about $65 to move the appliance. It is up to the owner of a 12-year-old stove with a resale value of $100 to determine if it is worth the space and effort required to move the stove.


Avoid any empty spaces and containers. Every room offers some packing options including suitcases, backpacks, and even grocery totes. Put silverware, spices, and other small items in kitchen storage containers. Tape a sheet of cardboard over a muffin tin to hold things like corncob holders, dishcloths, or small gadgets.

Cabinets, drawers, and shelving can all help to corral clothing, blankets, and other lightweight belongings. Make certain to secure all doors and drawers before moving the furniture to prevent spillage. Store lightweight items in these furnishings so the piece does not become too heavy to move safely or to move without causing damage.


How many pieces of preschool macaroni art does a family need? Photograph artwork, special school pages, and other childhood memorabilia to help cut down the number of boxes put in the new attic. This is also the right time to address all dust-covered collections. Decide if you really want the rack of unused shot glasses, jars of seashells, or dozens of scented candles.


People do not need special bags or tools to vacuum seal their clothes and bedding. Comforters, winter coats, and other large soft items take up an enormous amount of space. Vacuum sealing removes the air that causes the items to be so bulky. You will need garbage bags, an assistant, and a vacuum. Here are the steps to follow:

1.Place the desired number of items in the bag.
2. Pull the bag tight around the clothing and the vacuum hose.
3. Have someone hold down the bag.
4. Run the vacuum to remove the air.
5. Turn off the vacuum and have the assistant pinch the end of the bag between the vacuum hose and the contents.
6. Twist the bag while removing the bag to stop air from entering.
7. Tie the bag closed.
8. This method is a quick way to compress bulky items and maximize space.


Buy plastic resealable containers rather than throwing out good baking supplies or other dry goods that may spill during the move. Reuse the items at the new home to make it worth the investment. Reusable containers help to keep cupboards tidier, food fresh longer, and ants and mice away from goods. It also reduces the amount of cardboard needed for packing.

Rectangular-shaped containers rather than cylindrical jars are easier to pack and store and waste less space. Use any extras from the set for bath products or cosmetics. The same containers also work well for items found in the playroom like doll clothing and accessories and building blocks.

These packing tips help to save money and reduce waste, but a wonderful way to reduce stress is to get help with the move. Bos Moving & Service Inc is a Michigan-licensed mover with a fully insured and trained staff that is ready to help with your move. Contact us for an estimate or to learn about all the services we offer.